sabato 22 aprile 2017


Sexy is what I try to get them
to see me as after I win them over
with my personality.

Miranda - Sex and the City

Hair: CHARME - Selene @GENRE
Eyeshadow: D.Design - Dotty Eyeshadow @TWE12VE Event
Lipstick: Altagroup - Lola GIFT
Bangles: Zinner Gallery - Savage Nature @TWE12VE Event
Dress: **Sexy princess** - Wet Dress @TWE12VE Event
Tattoo: [CAROL G.] - Shoal White. Exclusive @Shiny Shabby
Soap Bubbles: Persefona Accessories - Soap Bubbles @Designer Circle Rd152 (round ends Apr 29th)  
Head Altamura Monique BENTO with "British Shape"
Body Maitreya Lara

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